D.C. Chapter Freepers vs Code Pink at Walter Reed After-Action Reports

On March 15, 2004, there was a preliminary skirmish, more than a year before the regular dueling protests between FReepers and Pinkos started. The leftists protested at Walter Reed as they traveled in a mock funeral procession from Dover Air Force Base, Delaware to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to the White House. Doctor Raoul solo FReeped them at Dover AFB, whereas other DC Chapter members FReeped the leftists at Walter Reed and at the White House per below:

After-Action: DC Chapter FReeps Left for Exploiting War Dead and Wounded (March 15, 2004)

A few hours after the leftists' first blood dance outside Walter Reed, the FReep of leftists at the White House occurred and included a direct FReep of Chief Pinko Medea Benjamin near the White House

More than a year after that skirmish at Walter Reed, the leftists returned to Walter Reed for a week straight in late March of 2005.

We FReeped them on Wednesday, March 30, 2005 per the first link below.

Then the Pinkos decided to try their psych-op against war-wounded every Friday at Walter Reed. When we found out, we started counter-protesting them every Friday beginning on April 15, 2005. FReepers have been at Walter Reed peacefully counter-protesting the Pinkos every Friday since then, except that we missed one Friday in May due to exigent circumstances.

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